Gospel Points – Gary Johnson and the Evangelical Vote


This week we conclude our look at the 2016 presidential election with a few words from Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson. Back during his 2012 campaign I was invited to be a part of his monthly blogger conference calls. We were allowed to ask whatever we wanted which gave me the opportunity to probe him a little bit on issues that would be of interest to Evangelicals like myself. So, we talked about his faith, abortion, gay marriage and then the question of where government gets its authority from. So, if you have been considering a vote for the Johnson/Weld ticket, this is the podcast for you! You’ll find Governor Johnson to be kind and engaging.

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Free E-Book Alert – Three Free R.C. Sproul Books

Are People Basically Good?

The philosopher Blaise Pascal called man “the supreme paradox,” because compared to all other creatures, he is both the most magnificent and the most miserable. What did Pascal mean? The answer goes to the heart of what the Bible says about man.

Man is created in the image of God, but the Bible also tells us that man has fallen into sin and become corrupt. In Are People Basically Good?, Dr. R.C. Sproul explores the nature of mankind by looking at what it means to be made in the image of God and exploring the nature and effects of the fall.

Download Are People Basically Good? here.

How Should I Think about Money?

Jesus taught more often on money than He did on love or on heaven and hell combined. Why? It’s because money is one of the chief competitors for our affections. “You cannot serve God and money,” He warned. How, then, should Christians view and use money? How should they view and participate in economic systems?

In How Should I Think about Money?, Dr. R.C. Sproul offers much-needed biblical answers to these questions, and in so doing, provides clarity on an important issue in the lives of Christians.

Download How Should I Think about Money? here.

How Can I Be Blessed?

The Bible is clear that true blessing is only found in the presence of God and in His kingdom. Some of the Bible’s clearest teaching about life in the kingdom of God is found in the Sermon on the Mount. It is there that we find the Beatitudes, a series of promises of blessing. In How Can I Be Blessed?, Dr. R.C. Sproul explores these sayings in order to clearly explain what they mean for Christians and to hold up the glorious promise of life in God’s kingdom.

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This and That 08-27-16

Your Neighbor Is Not a Number – When we talk numbers, we’re talking about actual people, about our neighbors. Before we start discussing the “secular,” or “liberal,” or “morally relativistic” puppy-hating Satan worshipers in our city, ask the question, Would I be embarrassed if my neighbor knew I said this about him? – Jonathan Parnell

Free E-Book Alert – Five Points by John Piper

Grace is the heart of God to do you good when you deserve it least.

But do we really know how deeply we don’t deserve it? Only God can reveal that to us. He does it through the Bible. And when he does, the wonders of his grace explode with brightness as never before.

These Five Points are about how Christians come into being, and how we are kept forever.

  • It reaches back into times past when we were freely chosen.
  • It reaches forward into the future when we will be safe and happy forever.
  • It reaches down into the mysteries of the work of Christ, purchasing the gift of faith for all God’s children.
  • And it reaches into the human soul, glimpsing the mysteries of the Spirit’s work as he conquers all our rebellion and makes us willing captives of King Jesus.

Piper believes that our experience of grace grows with our grasp of God’s gracious work. He invites us to come with him on this quest.

Download the book here.

Gospel Points – Tom Hoefling for President, Part 2


Our look into the 2016 presidential election continues with our second and final segment with Tom Hoefling of America’s Party. Last week we spoke mostly about Tom’s passion to defend the rights of the unborn. This week we learn more about America’s Party and the differences between it and the Constitution Party. We also chat about Christianity’s relationship to our American concept of freedom and the so-called faith of Donald Trump. Don’t worry, of course we had to ask, is a vote for Tom Hoefling really a vote for Hillary Clinton?

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Saturated with the Word

…We must be saturated with the Word.  Whatever delights us directs us.  We saturate ourselves with the Word by meditating on it.  Meditation is to the spirit what digestion is to the body.  When we meditate on the Word, we allow the Spirit of God within us to “digest” the Word of God for us.  So, not only do we delight in the Word, it becomes a source of spiritual nourishment for us.

  • Warren Wiersbe.