KevCast 25 – In Memory of Howard Phillips

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Back a few weeks ago I was saddened to learn of the passing of Howard Phillips. Phillips was a man of principle who was champion for of the Constitution against the rising tides of secularism and liberalism. One of the original founders of the Moral Majority, he was a vocal advocate of Christian Reconstructionism and a follower of R.J. Rushdoony. His faith in Christ was strong, articulate and contagious.

In 1992 Howard Phillips founded what would later become the Constitution Party. After having working relationships with Presidents Nixon and Reagan, Phillips was convinced the Republican Party would not support and defend the Constitution our forefathers handed down to us. Instead of merely going along to get along in order to secure more power, he left the party in order to fight for principle.

Howard Phillips was also the chairman of the Conservative Caucus and host of the Conservative Roundtable weekly television program.
When I ran for Congress in 2007, Howard drove all the way up from Virginia (on his own dime) to help and campaign for me. He knew I had little chance of winning, but wished to encourage me and instill within me some core values about what is really important. My time with Howard Phillips will be a time I will always cherish.

You learn more about Howard Phillips by reading his son Doug’s tribute to him at Vision Forum.

On this episode of the KevCast I will air an interview I conducted with Howard during my congressional campaign in 2007.  Hear Howard talk about his early days in Boston politics, his decision start a new party and the challenges third party candidates face.

Howard Phillips Speaking at My Campaign Rally


KevCast 24 – Profaned Pulpit: The Jack Schaap Story

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On today’s podcast we are once again taking a gaze into the dark underbelly of fundamentalism.  I know some might be offended right off the bat with that description, but we have to admit there is a dark side that many in the Independent Fundamental Baptist Movement wish were not there.  While much of this has been swept under the rug in years gone by, this age of both mass media and social media, secrets are harder to hide.  Much light has been shed on horrible theology, pastoral misconduct, scandal, and even physical abuse.  Right in the middle of this mess stands the First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN.  Just months ago Pastor Jack Schaap was taken away in handcuffs as an affair with a 16 year old girl was discovered.  As bad as this tragedy is, we see this not as an isolated incident but as a long train of abuses in a culture of pastor-worship and even includes Schaap’s predecessor at First Baptist, the late Jack Hyles.  Here to talk about this issue is Dr. Jerry Kaifetz, author of the book Profaned Pulpit:  The Jack Schaap Story.

Here are just a few of the questions posed to Dr. Kaifetz:

  • What about Jack Schaap in particular?  You were his friend and business partner.  He even did your wedding ceremony.  You spoke highly of him as a homiletics professor.  What happened?
  • Many Fundamentalists are quick to charge that this is not a denomination, association, movement or as 20/20 called it, a “network.”  Yet, these same people are quick to brag about their own fundamentalist credentials in terms of pastors they’ve preached for, colleges they attended or recommend and those personal conversations with the likes of Lee Roberson, John R. Rice or fill in the blank with the heavy-weight preacher name in your little neck of fundamentalism.  They travel in the same circles and condemn those outside of it.  That’s a network if I’ve ever heard one.  So why do you call it a movement?
  • Are there parts of fundamentalism that is salvageable?  I think fundamentalism contains several circles from the Hyles circle, to the BJU-type circle and everything in-between.  Should we be calling out the whole movement?  Are there some within the movement that are unstained in all this or are they too guilty of at covering this all up?

You can purchase a copy of Profaned Pulpit on Amazon.  To check out more from Dr. Kaifetz log on to or  You can also here Dr. Kaifetz’s testimony dramatized on  the Unshackled broadcast.  Click here and scroll down to program number A2948.

KevCast 24 – Bound Together

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On this edition of the KevCast, we welcome Pastor Chris Brauns, the author of Bound Together: How We are Tied to Others in Good and Bad Choices.

“Our lives are woven together in such a way that the choices each one of us makes have an effect on the lives of others, both for good and for bad. Because much of the pain we endure in life is in the context of relationships, this truth often strikes us as unfair. Why should a child suffer because of the poor decisions of his or her parents? And on a grander scale, why do we all suffer the curse of Adam’s disobedience? Why should anyone be judged for someone else’s sin?”

Perhaps these are questions you’ve wondered about yourself. Maybe you’ve struggled with the concept of a God who slaughters innocent women and children in Jericho or most of the human race in the Noahic flood. Is God unfair?  If am bound by the actions of others, what does that say about free will and human responsibility?  If these are questions you’ve been thinking, this interview is one you will want to hear.

Listen in and hear Pastor Chris Brauns talk about the “principle of the rope” and how all of these situations actually point to a larger truth about sin andmebrauns redemption.

You can purchase a copy of Bound Together here and learn more about Pastor Chris on his blog here.  You can also read my review of this book on my book blog here.

Pictures from launch party of Bound Together held at the Red Brick Church:  (Click on each image for a larger view)

IMG_20130310_174206     IMG_20130310_181459     IMG_20130310_181518

KevCast 23 – The Christian and Reading

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shaunIt has been said that readers are leaders.  I think we all know that reading is important and is certainly something we ought to do, but it is one of those things that is just so easy to neglect.  In our fast-paced lives reading hundreds of pages in an in-depth book just doesn’t seems as practical as the ease of reading 140 characters in a tweet or Facebook update.  Yet, Christians were once known as “people of the Book.”  The Bible is the very life-blood of the Christian faith.   The essence of our salvation is found in the fact that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.  God has chosen to reveal Himself through words, phrases, and sentences.    So, how should the Christian view reading?

In this podcast, our guest is Shaun Tabatt of Cross Focused Media.  Shaun has a deep love for reading and works in the Christian publishing industry.  He recently launched his own podcast, Author Talks in which he interviews Christian authors about their craft.  Shaun also blogs at Bible Geek Gone Wild.

KevCast 22 – You, Your Family and the Internet with David Clark

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Almost 80% of Americans are connected to the internet, and over two billion people around the world are on the world wide web. The unimaginable amount of information and communication that is piped into our homes through high-speed cable and DSL connections provide us with opportunities unparalleled by any previous generation. We can now be instantly connected with friends and loved ones across the globe through Skype and Facebook while at the same time be kept up-to-date on breaking news stories and heated theological debates. Yet, this technological revolution also presents us with dangers and temptations we must constantly guard against. Even in the church, you have people hooked on internet pornography, children getting into questionable online relationships and the ever increasing loss of privacy we unwittingly seem to submit to without thought. So what are we to do?

On this episode of the KevCast we welcome David Clark, author of the book You, Your Family and the Internet: What Every Christian in the Digital Age Ought to Know.  Listen in as we talk about both the blessings and the dangers that come with our entry into the world wide web.  We spoke on subjects such as:

  • Online relationships (all of which are not bad)
  • How Facebook actually operates
  • Guidelines for parents discussing these matters with their children
  • E-mail anxiety

We also had a great discussion about how Christians should apply Biblical principles to this issue and how we should purposefully  think through ways to harness the opportunities that social media and the internet present for our generation.  You won’t want to miss this podcast, so don’t wait another minute!  You can also purchase the book here.

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KevCast 21 – Going Over the Fiscal Cliff with Peter Theron

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We are just hours away from what seems to be the inevitable plunge into higher tax rates and massive spending cuts that is the fiscal cliff.  Even right now eyes turn to the US Senate as the President and Majority Leader Harry Reid have something they’ve been cooking up.  But, what are we really talking about here?

  • What is this fiscal cliff?
  • What does it mean to our economy?
  • What does it mean to our own families?
  • What can be done about all of this?

These are just some of the questions we posed to conservative activist Peter Theron.  Peter hols degrees in math and statistics from Princeton University and the University of Wisconsin.  He also has taught statistics, mathematics, and computer science at UW-Madison, UW-Whitewater, and Beloit College.  In 2008 and 2010 Peter ran for Congress in Wisconsin’s second congressional district.

So, if you are looking to learn more about what all Washington is a buzz over, download this episode now!

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