maybeheaderUpon graduating from Pensacola Christian College, I became an elementary school teacher at South Shore Christian School in Brockton, MA. Shortly after this, I had moved to Connecticut to become a youth pastor at Galilean Baptist Church and was soon ordained into the preaching ministry as an independent fundamental Baptist.

Two years later, I was asked to return back to Massachusetts and South Shore Christian School to teach and to become the assistant pastor at North Baptist Church. Soon, the teaching position turned into the role of a school principal.

Currently, I am residing in Rockford, IL teaching Bible and Civics classes at Rock County Christian School in Beloit, WI.  I’m also a member of Morning Star Baptist Church.

Next to my salvation (by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone), the greatest joy in my life occurred on June 23, 2007 when I married my wonderful wife, Jill. We have recently adopted two boys from the foster care system.

When it comes to my faith, I am first off and foremost a depraved sinner basking in the grace of a sovereign God. I would consider myself to be a “thinking” Baptist.   Along with that, I passionately hold to the doctrines of grace and the unity of believers through the truth of God’s Holy Word.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Wishing you all the best ! I hope that you win. I will pass your name on to others…(I do not know in MA) but know people here in OR and CA.
    I attend a Wisconsin Lutheran Synod Church here in Eugene, and also work with groups like meetup for Ron Paul. I am seriously thinking of joing the Constitution Party. I am a conservative republican…Eugene is an “alternative” lifestyle city…Oregon is in need of more Christian pastors and people who attend church.
    You might like to check out http://www.batw.com …(Believers against the war). It is located in Oregon.
    You might also like to check out Theodore Terbolizard who is running for congress in the 4th district of CA. Hope he wins.
    We have a great pro-life person called Mary Starrett who belongs to the Constitution Party. She lost the election …but only when the Republicans stepped in to make sure she did…and we ended up with Gov. Kulongoski again…no thanks to Saxton.
    Blessings in Christ,
    Eugene, OR

  2. Hey Kevin,

    I was really encouraged by your philosophy of Christian Education. I found it while preparing a talk for the Florida League of Christian Schools which I will present next month. I work at a Christian camp in NC and God has given us a heart of love for Christian schools. We offer retreats specifically focused on Christian schools throughout the year. I just wanted to let you know that there are others like-minded with you in your philosophy. Keep up the good work.

    Under His Mercy,


  3. Mr. Thompson,
    The TEA Party has allowed the GOP to acheive what they couldn’t do with The Log Cabin Club and Republicans for Choice; that is to table moral issues permanently. This is a repeat of Newt Gingrich’s tactics in 1994, only from thr ground up.
    For Christ, not man, is King–
    Riley J. Hood-State Chairman
    Constitution Party of Wisconsin

  4. Riley,

    At every tea party event I have ever spoken at, I have always mentioned my commitment to God, opposition to abortion, homosexual marraige and our moral decay in general. It has always been recieved with applause. I don’t buy into this theory that all the tea party cares about are economic issues. Its just not true.

    However, I should add that I probably should take out the “proud to be a member of the tea party” line because many within the tea party movement are not happy with other views I hold. For example, I believe President Obama is most likely a legit American citien born in Hawaii. I also do not believe in shadow governments run by the trilateral comission nor do I believe 9-11 was an inside job. Many within the tea party movement would call me a blind, liberal compromiser over those things.

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