Free E-Book Alert – Where Only God Could Lead: The Life Story of Don Sisk

The life story of Dr. Don Sisk reads something like a novel with surprises at every turn. In truth, it is simply the story of walking by faith. It is a record of the faithfulness of God in a surrendered life.

Even in hindsight, it’s difficult to wrap your mind around the magnitude of what God has allowed Don Sisk to accomplish in six decades of ministry. From a tiny, rural town to a worldwide ministry with eternal impact, the Lord has led Don and Virginia Sisk step by step on paths of faith.

These pages speak to the divine work of God—in a life and through a life. They speak to the providence of God to lead a man from the mountains of Kentucky, to the orient, to travel the globe, and to the backside of the desert—and to bless him and make him a blessing every step of the way. They speak to the ways of God in blessing a husband and a wife who are faithful to each other through over sixty years of marriage, faithful to their family, and faithful to their God.

In short, these pages tell a record of God’s grace developed in and channeled through a man yielded to follow wherever God leads.

Download the book here.

Let me give a quick, embarrassing story about Dr. Sisk.  I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Sisk preach several times while in college.  He is a man I respected.  I believe somewhere at some time he signed my Bible.  But, I had never really “met” the man, yet.

After college, my friend Joe Marshall has completed his missionary training with Baptist International Mission Inc. (BIMI).  He asked me to attend the ceremony and then help him move his stuff up from Tennessee to Massachusetts.  I was happy to do it, and I was excited about the chance to see Dr. Sisk at the BIMI headquarters.

Well, on the flight down, things got a little bumpy.  I brought very little clothing and was dressed up in shirt and tie for the event as I would be taken there right from the airport and then heading back home that night.  Sure enough, the woman sitting next to me was drinking orange juice and spilled the entire thing all over me.  I had not chance to change and nothing to chance into.

So, I had to show up with orange juice stains all over my pants.  I did get the chance to speak with Dr. Sisk for a few minutes.  I hid behind a folding chair the entire time trying to hide the mess.  Hopefully he never noticed, but I’m pretty sure my face gave away my embarrassment.


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