This and That 08-13-16

The Spiritual Warfare of Boring Preaching – For some, dull sermons are themselves a sign of godliness. After all, doesn’t the Apostle warn us against “lofty speech or wisdom” (1 Cor 2:1)? But the kind of rhetoric Paul is railing against here isn’t exciting—it’s typical in an era in which Greek rhetoric is everywhere. Paul doesn’t contrast engaging speech with dull speech, but the demonstration of human craft with the “demonstration of the Spirit and of power” (1 Cor 2:5). – Russell Moore

Hey, Joe! – Biden and his ilk need to be excluded. Period. If you are advocating abortion or presiding at a same-sex wedding, then your behavior places you outside the bounds of the Christian faith and should be treated accordingly—for your own good, for the reputation of the church, and for the reputation of Christ. That might seem hard and unloving in our emotivist world, but I see nothing loving in not stating the obvious in such situations. In word and deed, Catholics like Biden demean the teachings of their Church. Why should they be offended when someone points that out and then acts accordingly? – Carl Trueman


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