My Endorsements in the Wisconsin Primary – Ryan and Rashkin

If you live in Wisconsin, don’t forget to head out to the polls and vote in the upcoming primary on Tuesday, August 9.  Primaries like this are often overlooked which makes your vote all the more powerful and important. While much focus is on the presidential election, these local elections often have more of an impact on your daily life.

In the state-line area, here are two candidates I want to endorse.


We absolutely must send Paul Ryan back to Congress! Sometimes I think Ryan is the last 422269_10151324378508082_1468331399_nsane Republican left in the party. By far he is the best champion and spokesperson for conservative values on the national stage. The election of the next president will make whoever sits in the Speaker’s chair all the more important. If it is Hillary, we need someone to be the champion conservatives rally around to oppose her huge tax increases and progressive agenda. If it is Trump, someone will have to reign him in and defend the Constitution against the whims of this tyrannical egomaniac. Either way, Ryan has a bold, conservative agenda he can quarterback through Congress.

Ryan’s opponent is a shameless opportunist who specializes in taking potshots, ad hominem attacks and generally embodies the trust one would have of a bad, used car salesman. He’s a Trump supporter who plays to the extremist wing of the party.

America needs Paul Ryan!

Check out – Paul Ryan for Congress


YuriRashkinIt’s not often that I publicly endorse Democrats. Quite frankly, I’m not even sure how much sway anything I would say would have among progressives (especially after my endorsement of Paul Ryan). However, I do feel like there is a candidate I want you all to know about. Yuri Rashkin is running for Rock County Treasurer. It’s been my pleasure to get to know Yuri within the past year or two. Though we disagree on quite a bit, he’s someone who is willing to listen and find common ground when possible. He’s even been a guest in my classroom (something Paul Ryan has yet to do despite my constant pleadings…). What makes Yuri stand out is his dedication to public service. I truly believe he is someone who wants to serve his fellow man and make his community a better place. He’s a people person who genuinely cares about the plight of others.

Democrats, you would do well to have this man represent you. Rock County, you would do well to elect this man to public office.

Check out – Rashkin for Treasurer

[UPDATE – It has been brought to my attention that some of my blog readers may not be aware of the fact that you cannot vote for both Ryan and Rashkin in this primary election.  Because this is a partisan primary you must choose either a Republican or Democrat ballot.  Ryan is a Republican and Rashkin a Democrat.  So, if you want Ryan, you must choose a Republican ballot which Rashkin would not be on, and vice versa.  In other words, they will not appear on the same ballot.  You can only vote once, unless you live in Chicago…]


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