A Few Political Predictions about the 2016 Race

This year, like most pundits, most of my predictions have been almost 100% wrong – but that has never stopped me before so why stop now?  Here are a few educated guesses as to what might happen during the rest of this unpredictable election cycle:

Hillary Clinton will NOT choose Tim Kaine as her running mate.

Mark Kirk will not return to the US Senate, Duckworth will win without a problem.

The Ron Johnson/Russ Feingold will be very close but will end with Feingold heading back to Washington.

The Republican National Convention will officially nominate Donald Trump without a major floor fight.

Paul Ryan will easily defeat (i.e. mop the floor with) his primary opponent.

The Republicans will keep the House but lose the Senate or end up with a 50/50 split.

Donald Trump will do much better than anyone is saying right now, and will at least come close to winning.

At this point these are the only predictions I am willing to make.  Everything else is anybody’s guess.  And, of course, these are predictions and not endorsements.


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