Who I Would Vote for in the Wisconsin Primary

Even though I discovered this morning I am still an active, registered voter in Wisconsin – being a resident of Illinois, it’s probably better than I not actually vote.  (One a side note, if it were not for voter ID in WI, I would be able to get away with voting in both states)  So, instead I’ll share these endorsements with all my friends to the north.

11796246_10209237653888799_5791454006631748331_nPresident:  Ted Cruz.  Ted is solid on abortion and promises to 1161repeal every word of Obamacare.  That right there is enough to get my vote.  But, the more compelling reason to Cruz to victory is that the senator is our best chance at beating Donald Trump.  I went to go see John Kasich this past Saturday.  I didn’t find him compelling or in any way impressive.  He dodged my comments about abortion altogether and that combined with how he implemented Obamacare in Ohio is enough reason to chose Cruz.  Besides, Kasich has no mathematical chance to win the nomination and there’s doubt whether his name can even be considered in a brokered convention.

Supreme Court:  Rebecca Bradley. In my mind,  Joanne Kloppenburg burnt a lot of bridges in her previous bid for the court.  She came off as smug and petty during the recounts.  Though I must say, she was a guest in my classroom back that previous time.  That came only after me begging and pleading with her campaign manager who clearly didn’t trust me.  Yet, I will give her credit for coming despite all that and was very respectful to my students.  More important than any of this is that Rebecca Bradley is an originalist who identifies with the late Justice Scalia, dedicated to not legislating from the bench.

Beloit School Board – Shelly Cronin and Pam Charles.  I’ve known Shelly Cronin for a number of years now.  She served on the school board where I teach (Rock County Christian) and I can testify she is a loving parent concerned about the education of her children.  She is intelligent, enthusiastic, innovative and easy to work with.  She is exactly the type of person Beloit needs on their board.  Pam Charles is a clear conservative who also is deeply concerned with the well-being of students in Beloit.  She has a passion for her community and wants to see Beloit at its best.  She’s experienced and worthy of your vote.



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