Who I’m Voting for in the Illinois GOP Primary

President – Ted Cruz.  While I have some reservations about the Senator, I do respect that of all the remaining candidates, he is the most staunch champion of the pro-life message.  This is the most important issue in my mind.  Ted seems to be a pretty solid conservative willing to take unpopular stances.  He’s a man of principle though his views on immigration have seemed to migrate themselves.  (For the record – I’m pro-amnesty).  Another yuge reason I’m voting for Cruz  is that I see him as our best chance against Donald Trump.

Senator – James Marter.  Mark Kirk simply has to go.  He is unapologetically pro-choice and voting against defunding Planned Parenthood.  It would be charitable to call him a conservative.  Most pundits look at this seat as a potential Democratic win.  So, let’s have a fighting chance and show Kirk the door.

Congress – Adam Kinzinger.  I’m not a big fan of the Congressman, but there’s no one willing to give him a primary challenge on the ballot.  He’s pro-life, but not passionate about it (as he once told me).  He’s way too much of a war hawk interventionist for my taste.  But, again, he’s the only one one the primary ballot.

State Senator – No one on the GOP ballot for me.

State Representative – No one on the GOP ballot for me.

Coroner – Bill Hintz.  Hintz seems to have the most experience serving as deputy for over a decade.

County Board Chairman – Frank Haney.  He’s the only one on the ballot after Scott Christiansen 20151107_085547decided to drop out.  I had the privilege of meet Mr. Haney once.  I found him to be intelligent, engaging and willing to listen.

County Board – Jim Dunn.  Seems like he’s serious about not taking on more debt.

Helpful Link to Help You Decide:

Sample Ballot in Rockford

Vote Rockford

Rock River Times Endorsements 

Winnebago County Board candidates talk crime, taxes and economic development

Winnebago County Republican Candidates


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