Gospel Points – Evangelicals and the 2016 Election, Part 1

For the next two weeks we will be exploring the role Christian Evangelicals play in secular society especially in regards to politics and government.  Joining us is David Smith, the head of the Illinois Family Institute.  We only planned on recording one segment, but since this topic is near and dear to both us, we just couldn’t limit ourselves to our normal timeframe.  In light of this, I have broken up our conversation into two parts.  In this first segment, Dave and I chat about the tension between being a citizen of this world and a world yet to come.  How are to be in the world and not of the world?  What does it mean to be a solider not entangled in the affairs of this world yet active in the time and place in which Jesus has place us?  How do avoid engaging the culture without adopting the culture and forsaking an eternal perspective.  We also discuss our frustrations concerning the 2016 presidential race in particular.

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