This and That

A short remembrance of Dr. Charles Ryrie – I’m probably one of the few people on the planet who can say that all my memories of Dr. Ryrie were when he was wearing a speedo. – Denny Burk

“Safe Spaces” in Churches? Say it isn’t so… – I watched a family (of the fundamentalist variety) huff out of a church service never to return when I quoted (in honest context) a person they considered too liberal – John MacArthur (insert absurd laughter here.) – Dan Burrell

Over-Complicating Accountability – Accountability only works if it is rooted in relational investment. It works if it is not merely a Q&A but rather life lived alongside life, through conversation, meals, fun, crisis, ups, and downs. This is relationship, the kind out of which real accountability grows. The kind where it’s safe to be humble and honest. – Barnabas Piper


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