This and That

Is Gun Control a Christian Issue? – The question of gun control is a different question than the question of gun violence itself. The gun control debate isn’t between people who support the right to shoot innocent people and those who don’t. It’s instead a debate about what’s prudent, and what’s not, in solving the common goal of ending criminally violent behavior. That’s why orange-vested National Rifle Association members and Birkenstock-wearing vegan gun-control advocates can exist, as the Body of Christ, in the same church without excommunicating one another. – Russell Moore

The Gospel According to Taylor Swift – Friends of mine who have followed Taylor Swift’s career tell me that her songs have followed a story arc. Her earliest songs could be summed up this way: I am searching for the right person who will fulfill me forever. Later, her songs turned to heartbreak: I am grieving the fact I may never find meaning in life and love. Now, her songs are a declaration: I have, in myself, everything I need to be happy.  The question now is whether she will arrive at a fourth stage: I’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places. That’s the stage where, by the grace of God, people who are looking for happiness might stop looking in and start looking up. – Trevin Wax

Ted Cruz Says As President He Would Leave an ‘Empty Seat’ at State of the Union — Here’s Why – Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz said Friday that if he is elected president, he would leave an empty seat at the State of the Union address to represent “the over 50 million unborn children killed since Roe.”  The Texas senator made his comment in response to President Barack Obama announcing he would leave an empty seat at the State of the Union “to honor the victims of gun violence.” – Oliver Darcy


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