Gospel Points – Dinner Dialoguing with Atheists

JohncwGuest – John Cobbett-Walden, teacher and musician

Description – This holiday season will no doubt feature those awkward dinner conversations that are sure to cause tension and division.  Often times these conversations will center on the issue of our faith.  Can we have meaningful dialogue with those outside the faith, even atheists?  I believe the answer is yes.  Joining me on the podcast for the next three weeks is John Cobbett-Walden.  John grew up in a Christian home, attended a Christian church and even spent time teaching in a Christian school before abandoning his faith.  For the past few years John and I have been engaging each other on social media, discussing our differences in what I believe to be a meaningful way.  So, I asked John to join us and chat about how to have these conversations without the rancor and division that so often accompanies such talk.  In this first segment I ask him to describe his departure from Christianity.

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