Pastor Appreciation Month Day 27 – Pastor Joshua Pegram

Pastor Joshua Pegram is the pastor of Morning Star Church in Rockford, IL and has the distinction of 10393679_10153632722563082_2231092455392279560_nbeing my current pastor.  Since we’ve added two boys into our family, he’s the only pastor our family has ever known together.

Joshua officially became our pastor a little over a year ago, but he’s been there during one of the toughest trials and greatest joys of my life – the arrival of my two foster sons (soon to be adopted sons).  His first week on the job my wife and I received what was then our two year old and then two months later we took in his brother, a seven year old.  This was intense to say the least!  As many have told us, we went from 0-60 in just a few seconds.  As an elder in the church, I needed a pastor who would show some understanding.  Thankfully that was just what the Lord provided.  He was understanding when making an emergency drop by the house in the late hours of the evening.  He was understanding when his newly commissioned elder had to step down.

Joshua is certainly gifted in the area of sympathy.  He has a genuine desire to understand the pain of others and walk alongside them in that pain.  He wants to “get it” even when he doesn’t “get it.”  He is refreshingly honest about that.  He is sensitive to the hurt and pain of others.  He has stood bedside my family as we struggling to figure out our roles and lives during this difficult year and he stood bedside us as our little child was in the hospital struggling to breathe.  He has been there.

It’s been exciting to see Joshua grow in his ability to handle the Word.  Preaching every week is a challenge, and Joshua is beginning to come into his own.  He has a great ability to breakdown complicated passages in a way that is understandable, relatable and even memorable, things many preachers struggle with.  When you walk away from one of Joshua’s messages, you walk away knowing exactly was his point was and how to apply it.

Joshua, thank you for being there and thank you for the kindness and understanding you have shown my family.  Thank you for showing me what it means to care for others and shepherd the flock of God.  I look forward to what the future has for your ministry at Morning Star Church.

One final note.  As I look back all of the pastors God has used in my life, I recognize Joshua holds a special place.  He’s my pastor now.  It’s easy to look back and see how I have grown in grace but it’s also easy to look at all that growth and feel as though I have arrived.  I now know it all.  But that’s exactly the attitude I have to fight against.  I pray that God will use the ministry of Joshua Pegram to further shape me into his image.  That means I’m going to have to humbly submit to the leader God Himself has placed into my life.

So, Joshua, I urge you not to allow me to plateau.  Continue to confront my sin and challenge me in my walk with the Lord.  Urge me to be a better member of Christ’s church and to serve His flock even if it’s not through a leadership position or from a pulpit.   I commit to praying for you and supporting you in any way that I am able.  I commit to being the church member you and my other brothers and sisters need me to be.  Make sure I keep that commitment!


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