Pastor Appreciation Month Day 8 – The Ordinary Pastor

Because I feel a cold coming on, I’m heading the bed early tonight.  Tomorrow night I’ll continue my blog series showing my appreciation for pastors the Lord has seen to bless me with.

In the meantime I thought I would like to highlight a particular set of pastors, the ordinary pastor.  Today, we can get the best preaching in the world through the power of our own cellar device.  In a matter of moments we can call up sermons from the most popular mega-church pastor, lectures from world-famous intellectual theologians or the podcast of our favorite celebrity preacher.  We buy their books, chat them up on social media and flock to their conferences.  However, often over-looked is the man that fills our own pulpit, the ordinary preacher.

Its the ordinary preacher that prays for us daily, visits us when we are sick and seeks to personally address the needs of our souls –  all things the well-known preachers will never do.  The ordinary preacher is the one who tries to fit in as much study time as, perhaps, his other full time job will allow him to do.  The ordinary preacher is the one who can be found cleaning the church auditorium or filling in for the volunteer that failed to show during the latest church function.  He may not be the best speaker or the most well-read scholar, but he’s YOUR pastor.  He’s the man God has given to you and your church.  Don’t fail to recognize his sacrifice and time investment into your life just because he hasn’t authored a book or delivers the occasional “dry” message.

Here’s two resources you may find helpful in cultivating a deeper appreciation for the “ordinary pastor” in your life.

Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor: The Life and Reflections of Tom Carson by D.A. Carson

D. A. Carson’s father was a pioneering church-planter and pastor in Quebec. But still, an ordinary pastor-except that he ministered during the decades that brought French Canada from the brutal challenges of persecution and imprisonment for Baptist ministers to spectacular growth and revival in the 1970s.

It is a story, and an era, that few in the English-speaking world know anything about. But through Tom Carson’s journals and written prayers, and the narrative and historical background supplied by his son, readers will be given a firsthand account of not only this trying time in North American church history, but of one pastor’s life and times, dreams and disappointments. With words that will ring true for every person who has devoted themselves to the Lord’s work, this unique book serves to remind readers that though the sacrifices of serving God are great, the sweetness of living a faithful, obedient life is greater still.

The Ordinary Preacher Podcast

A podcast where the “ordinary” pastors, pastor’s wives, church members, missionaries, etc. are interviewed to bring glory to God through His faithful.



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