Bobby Schilling Urges Us to Let Senator Kirk Know We Stand for Life

BobbySchillingIt’s been my pleasure to support and volunteer for Congressman Bobby Schilling in his past two campaigns for Congress.  In the following editorial the Congressman reminds us that defunding Planned Parenthood is not the only piece of pro-life legislation Senator Kirk is likely to vote against.  We need to let Senator Kirk know there are consequences to his votes.  This article also makes me think the Congressman would make a great Senator himself should he decide on a primary challenge.  I’m ready for some more volunteering!

It is early, and Sen. Kirk has time to change course. According to reports, there are as many as seven more investigative videos coming out. That will likely mean further congressional action.

One vote sure to happen in the Senate as soon as next month will be on the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. This common-ground legislation would limit abortions after 20 weeks, or 5 months of pregnancy.

It would prohibit the late-term abortions (except in cases of rape, incest and life of the mother) that Planned Parenthood finds especially useful in harvesting valuable body parts.

Polls show that a strong majority of Americans support this legislation. One Washington Post-ABC News poll in 2013 showed that 60 percent of women support it, compared to just 25 percent opposed. Bills like this can move us forward together on this contentious issue.

Yet, Kirk is one of only a handful of Republican senators who isn’t co-sponsoring this bill.

While Sen. Kirk is home for the August recess, I hope Illinois voters will urge him to rethink — politically and morally — and do the right thing. Lives — and real women’s health care — hang in the balance.

Read the whole post here.

PS. Run, Bobby, Run!


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