Reflections on Father’s Day within the Body of Christ

calmdadToday is my first fathers day as a father. What a day. My wife and children gave me a special breakfast and some great gifts. I can’t help but reflect and stand amazed that God placed me in this role of father. It’s overwhelming to say the least. Yet my day became all the more real once I walked into church.

Here, I received my greatest fathers day gift, I worshipped with my boys. I was almost in tears as I listened to my oldest son singing praises to the Lord during our song service. This was the same boy that only months ago I had to remove from the service because of his disruptive behavior and rebellious attitude toward anything that dared stand against his stated agenda. He certainly doesn’t have the greatest voice, but it is a sweet voice of praise in the ears of our Lord and his dad.

Right now I’m sitting in the back, like the good Baptist that I am, getting ready for the sermon. Before me sits my brothers and sisters in the Lord. As I look at this spiritual family I am reminded of the Lord’s command to rejoice with those rejoice and to also weep with those who weep. Here is what I am looking at:

  • Fathers like me celebrating their very first fathers day.
  • Fathers with many children, examples for me to follow the years to come.
  • Young men who will soon become fathers, great ones.
  • Fathers who are fathers in name only.
  • Children who know what it is to suffer under the horrible reign of an abusive father.
  • Children who mourn the death of their beloved father, clinging to happy yet distant memories.
  • Children who never knew their own father.
  • Children who must grapple with deciding which father to honor: their biological dad or the person mommy is now married to…
  • Children who have estranged relationships with a father they only one cherished.
  • Fathers who mourn the death of one their own children.

I will rejoice and be glad today, but I will also choose to identify with those who hurt today. I love you and grieve with you.  But please know that you have a Heavenly father that transcends both good and bad earthly fathers.  Look to him for your comfort, example and identity.


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