This and That

What Should the Duggar Scandal Teach the Church? – The church has a responsibility, beyond alerting proper authority, in several areas. The first is to preach and teach on issues of sexual abuse. Many abused people hide in the shadows because they believe, sometimes even subliminally, that they were somehow at fault for their abuse. Sometimes abused people are fearful to come forward because they think that people within the church will think they are now “damaged” because of the abuse. The church’s witness should be clear that victims of sexual abuse are not to blame—nor are they defined by the atrocities committed against them. You may think that such truths are obvious, but they need to be said if we are to offer freedom for the captives, as Jesus did (Lk. 4:18). One of the chief ways people are held in captivity is through misplaced shame, for what has been done to them. – Russell Moore

Why I am No Longer a Dispensationalist – The problem with dispensationalism is that its opponents only attack the infancy stage of development. It is an easy target. But it is unfair and lacks credibility. Every doctrine that all Christians embrace have gone through development and had to mature. The doctrine of the Trinity took three hundred years to mature and articulate itself. Early church fathers, such as Justin Martyr, believed in it, but did not articulate it well. Even the Nicene Creed, as great as it is, barely gives the Holy Spirit a cameo. It is not until the Athanasian Creed (or around that time) in the fifth-century that we get our articulation of the Trinity in a definitive form. – C Michael Patton


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