This and That

Don’t Confuse Spirituality with Righteousness – Soon, however, I found that there was more to the Christian life than daily devotions and sanctified words. I realized that God wanted more. He wanted me to grow in my faith and obedience, to go beyond milk to the meat. I also discovered that Christian jargon was an almost meaningless form of communication, both to non-Christians and Christians alike. I found myself more interested in echoing a subculture’s lingo than in finding true godliness. – R.C. Sproul

Leadership Centered or Word & Sacrament Centered Church? – I don’t want to wear a robe, but as we begin to form as a church I want to be a place, starting with our worship, that is Word/Sacrament-Centered and not Leadership-Centered. In the Leadership-Centered church the Leadership is the sun around which the other planets orbit throughout the week. The leadership chooses the sermon series, the texts, the songs, the project, the goals, the philosophy. At least in a Word/Sacrament-Centered church the worship is unhooked off the leadership. The liturgical calendar influences the Scripture choices and the Holy Communion present a Crucified Christ with the blessed assurance of forgiveness and Presence week after week. The leadership is practically irrelevant during these parts. – Bob Bixby


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