A Brief Word for Those Struggling on Mother’s Day

This morning I was honored to preach at Emmanuel Reformed Church in Clinton, WI.  Here’s a short section of the notes from the message I preached out of the book of Ruth.

And let me take a moment here real quick to talk about disappointment. Because today, for some, is what this day is all about. Mother’s day can be a sad day for many. Those who are single, those who have recently lost a mother or those who are married but have not been able to conceive.  And there are even some who do not have a mother that is worthy of praise.  I can personally testify of this struggle regarding Mother’s Day. My mom died when I was about 3 years old. My dad did not remarry till I was in college. For years we walked into churches celebrating mother’s day and we had nothing of which to celebrate.   I recall every year in grade school having the art teacher having to scribble in the world “grand” on all my my Mother’s Day projects and coloring sheets.  Even after I married, for years my wife and I have been unable to conceive though we desperately wished to have children. So, I know this day can be difficult for many.

Maybe there are some here this morning who are struggling. For you, let me assure you that your struggle is real.  The sorrow you are feeling should not be discounted in anyway; it is a legitimate sorrow.   But, I can also say there is grace for you. You are important too and you are a valuable member of this church family. You are in no way any less of a Christian or a person.  My prayers are with you today. Rely upon the Lord Jesus for your strength and don’t be ashamed of who you are or what you struggle with.

I know this is kind of a buzz kill on a day we set aside to celebrate motherhood.  And let me tell you, today is a joyous day for us.  This is the first Mother’s Day we will celebrate with the two boys the Lord chose to bless us with.  But, the story we are looking at involves much sorrow, so let’s not lose that just now.  We know the Christian life can be filled with much sorrow, so let’s acknowledge that as we forge ahead in this book and bask in the grace God offers us in the midst of our struggles.


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