My Thoughts on Nerd Prom 2015

Yes, I’m a political nerd which means each year I look forward to watching the White House Correspondents Dinner.  President Obama may not be able to deliver on much of what he promised in 2008, but the man can deliver a joke.  Cecily Strong, on the other hand, wasn’t very funny at all, except for a few good lines here and there.  I think I am the only one on earth that didn’t find the anger translation bit funny.  Below you’ll find my tweets from the night in ascending order:

President Obama was funny; Cecily Strong, not so much. – My final assessment of the night. #NerdProm #WHCD

“You’re hair is so gray right now you can talk back to the police.” #NerdProm #WHCD

“@RandPaul is taking over his father’s business of not being president.” #NerdProm #WHCD

Chris Christie believes pot is a gateway drug – like another bridge to shut down? #NerdProm #WHCD

“Let’s not forget Martin O’Malley. Nothing more to say, its just his campaign slogan.” #NerdProm #WHCD

“Harry Reid was a boxer before spending 30 years as a punching bag.” #NerdProm #WHCD

SNL criticized? “If anyone is guilty of not taking ISIS seriously…” – Maybe the funniest line thus far from Strong. #NerdProm #WHCD

“The secret service is the only law enforcement agency that will get in trouble is a black man is shot.” #NerdProm #WHCD

Cecily Strong had a great first line (feels appropriate to have a woman following @BarackObama ) but then its been downhill ever since.

“We finally made it, straight people.” #NerdProm #WHCD

“Bucket” – that’s what I’m taking away from the President’s speech tonight. #NerdProm #WHCD

Ok, now this is funny. “You don’t need anger translating, you need counseling.” How to end a bad skit on a funny note. #NerdProm #WHCD

This translation sketch is kind of dumb and getting old… George W. did it much better. #NerdProm #WHCD

“Bernie @SenSanders – Pot-smoking socialist in the White House? – Obama’s third term after all.” #NerdProm #WHCD

“Rick Santorum said he would not attend a gay wedding of a loved one, and gays everywhere said no problem.” #NerdProm #WHCD

Birther jokes are still in apparently, old but funny… #NerdProm #WHCD

“Being blackish only makes you popular for so long..” #NerdProm #WHCD

Nice swipe at CNN #NerdProm #WHCD

‘I once had a friend who was making millions a year and now she’s living out of a van in Iowa” – HILarious! I loved it. #NerdProm #WHCD

Ok, the Hucakabee joke was dumb… #NerdProm #WHCD

Finally Obama admits he’s a Muslim! #NerdProm #WHCD #nerdprom2015

Fourth favorite #WHCD moment – Joel McHale’s Chris Christie fat jokes. #NerdProm #nerdprom2015

Third favorite #WHCD moment – Obama’s Lion King birth certificate announcement #NerdProm #nerdprom2015

Second favorite #WHCD moment – George W. Bush and his twin.. #NerdProm #nerdprom2015

The video of @billclinton as a lame duck alone in the White House is one of the funniest moments in #WHCD history. #NerdProm #nerdprom2015

CNN asked Martin O’Malley’s wife if her husband would make a good POTUS. Why I don’t watch CNN often. Most attention he’s got. #NerdProm

Sitting here in pj’s, eating chips and dip, tweeting snide remarks about something few people care about – now I am officially a blogger!

Thompson Politics retweeted POLITICO
Can you imagine what is it must be like to be MISTER Pelosi? #nerdprom2015 Thompson Politics added,

My three year old is shouting, “Obama! Obama!” #nerdprom2015 Thompson Politics added,

Is @MichelleObama texting during the national anthem? asks my wife. I didn’t see it. Can anyone confirm or deny this? #nerdprom2015

Public Service Announcement – I’ll be live-tweeting the White House Corespondents Dinner tonight. #nerdprom2015

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