The Faith of Marco Rubio

As a bartender, Rubio’s father struggled to follow the Mormon Church’s teachings prohibiting alcohol, tobacco and caffeine, Rubio wrote in his memoir, “An American Son.”

“I immersed myself in LDS theology,” Rubio wrote. “I studied church literature and other sources of information to learn all I could about the church’s teachings.”

By the time he was in sixth grade, his family had left the Mormon Church for Catholicism, and he had his First Communion on Christmas Day 1984.

In 2012, Rubio told me that he spent a few years in an evangelical church.

“Sometime in 2000, I unfortunately got really busy with my political stuff,” he said. “I perhaps didn’t do a good job of spiritually leading my family, which is one of the roles I play alongside my wife.”

During that time, his family attended a church called Christ Fellowship, he said.

“For a period of time, it became our church home almost exclusively,” Rubio said. “I felt called back to Catholicism around 2004, but have maintained the relationship with Christ Fellowship and attend their services often or listen to the podcasts.”

Rubio now firmly identifies with the Catholic church, though he noted how he finds commonality between different Christian denominations.

Read the whole story here.


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