Free E-Book Alert – Life – An Inalienable Right by Dr. D. James Kennedy and Dr. Jerry Newcombe

In this brief but powerful book, Dr. D. James Kennedy and Dr. Jerry Newcombe address what the Bible says about life, in contrast to the materialistic pagan view of life that too often prevails today.

This unique and powerful resource demonstrates how our nation’s founders operated from a Christian worldview. It also:

  • addresses what the Bible says about life in contrast to today’s overarching pagan view;
  • examines the implications of a Christian’s view of life in regard to abortion, assisted suicide, and stem-cell research;
  • explores lessons to be learned regarding the sanctity of human life from Nazi Germany, where the Holocaust began with the killing of the chronically sick and the disabled.
  • God has made each human being in His own image, therefore every person has intrinsic value. He has given every human life infinite worth.

Download Life – An Inalienable Right: Biblical Reasons for Protecting the Sanctity of Life today as your complimentary gift from D. James Kennedy Ministries — and learn how you can help protect the sanctity of life in this critical moment for America.

Download the book here.


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