Veteran’s Day and Christmas

To some extent Veteran’s Day is like Christmas.  Often times at Christmas we hear the inevitable cries of, “Everyday should be Christmas because we should remember Christ every day of the year.”  This is very true.  We ought to remember those who were willing to put on the uniform and be placed into harm’s way to protect our freedom and liberty.  Without such sacrifice, we would never survive as a nation.

Yet, I’ll admit, I need this day.  I need this day to remind me.  Why?  Because I get so wrapped up in using all the freedoms I have that I forget who purchased it for me.  I forget about those who are willing to do what I could never do.  They have done their jobs so well that I forget they have even done it.  While the fear of terrorism is always present, I must admit, I still think of it as something somewhere else, not here.  This is because our veterans have done their duty and done it well.

So, let me take this time to thank all of the Veterans who might read this blog.  Thank you for your valiant service.


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