Wisconsin 2014 Midterm Election Endorsements


Since first meeting him, I’ve been a big fan of Governor Scott Walker.  Walker is committed to protecting life and has proven to be tough enough to lead in difficult circumstances.  He is willing to take unpopular stances and stick with them despite overwhelming pressure.  He is a man of character.  I whole-heartedly endorse Scott Walker for another term as governor.

First Congressional District

We need a guy like Paul Ryan in Congress.  Ryan is the policy wonk’s policy wonk.  The guy knows what he is talking about.  Unlike other politicians who seem to be incapable of anything but regurgitating talking points and demonizing opponents, Paul Ryan is deeply invested in what he speaks on and is the guy you turn to in order to make policy an actual plan and design.  This is the guy that makes things happen and can provide solid philosophical basis for doing so.  This is the guy I wish most other Congressmen were like.  He is also needed as a moderate, reasonable voice in the GOP as the immigration debate heats up.  Ryan is not a seal-the-border-shut-guy who wants nothing more than to deport anyone with an accent.  His commitment to life has been unquestionable.  We need Paul Ryan in Congress.

Second Congressional District

Peter Theron is another type of person who I want to see in Congress.  Peter is pro-life and believes life begins at conception.  However, he is better known for his economic views.  While he is a conservative, he is not an extremist who wants to change everything overnight.  He is reasonable man with much wisdom.  With a background in teaching college-level math, the man just knows what he is talking about.  This is a man we want representing us in Washington.


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