Illinois 2014 Midterm Election Endorsements


Though this is the day before the election, I am still not sure who I will vote for.  Right now I am leaning toward Chad Grimm, the Libertarian candidate for the sole reason that he is the only pro-life candidate on the ballot.  The other person I am considering is write-in candidate Mark Smith.  Smith is pretty conservative and is also pro-life.  I have questions for each candidate, but so far they are going unanswered.  My concern with Grimm is that often times the Libertarian Party goes a little too far for my taste (when it comes to issues of “freedom” like drug legalization).  My concern with Smith is that both his website and Facebook page have not been updated since August.  When I contacted him recently, he said while he is still registered as a write-in candidate, he ran out of money this summer.  Yet, I would love to ask how much money it takes to update a Facebook page…

I would like to take just a moment to address a concern some have expressed.  People are concerned that a vote for anyone but Bruce Rauner is a vote for Pat Quinn.  I simply reply, a vote for Bruce Rauner is a vote for abortion.  Your vote for Rauner says “I don’t care about social issues.”  Your vote for Rauner as the lesser of two evils simply sends the message to the Republican Party that they can nominate whoever they want to, and like lemmings, we Evangelicals will just fall in line.  No, you must earn my vote.  I refuse to waste my vote on a candidate that does not represent me.   Howard Phillips was absolutely right when he opined, “You vote is the currency of your virtue.

Besides, I am not afraid of Pat Quinn!  The Christian Church has endured the persecution of blood-thirsty kings, cruel dictators and heartless religious leaders.  I think we’ll be just fine under Pat Quinn.  Besides, if a Quinn relection sends the message to the GOP to start nominating the right candidates, I consider that a win.

US Senate

I’m not wild about Jim Oberweis.  I wasn’t thrilled with his primary campaign and voted for his opponent.  He seems to be ok on social issues and an economic conservative.  While I’m not thrilled with him I would take him over Dick Durbin any day.

Congressional District 17

I’m just not excited about much of the Illinois political landscape, I am quite excited about the prospect of returning Bobby Schilling to Congress.  Bobby would be a great representative of my values and beliefs.  He stands for me and with me.  I have greatly enjoyed every interaction we have had as he continues to impress me.  He is a strong leader, dedicated family man, a person of faith and a strong voice for family values.  Better than many office holders I know, he is someone who understands the struggles of his constituents.  He will fight for us.


I’ll be writing in the name of Timothy Goodcase of the Constitution Party.  I will not vote for Judy Barr Topinka as her comments degrading religious conservatives went way too far to ever hope for my support.  I also hate the slimy way the Constitution Party and other third party candidates were kicked off the ballot by gestapo tactics of the major parties.  While I think Goodcase would be to the far right of me, he’s got my vote in this race.

Constitution Ballot

Question One  – Yes, enthusiastically yes.  Let’s empower victims of crime.

Question Two – No, it’s too vague and I fear how it would be implemented and what it may be used for.

Statewide Advisory

Question One – I’m still not sure where I’m at on the minimum wage.  I’m leaning toward no as I can see it seriously backfire and cause people to lose jobs.  Though, I am concerned about the plight of those surviving off of it.  We need to do more to help such people gain access to better education which would lead to better jobs.

Question Two – No, I’m concerned about religious liberty issues.

Question Three – No, I’m not for raising taxes.


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