This and That 08-16-14

Depression Can no Longer be the Elephant in the Room – I chose to fight, and I won that day. That’s the deal. You fight depression day by day.  But here’s the thing: I don’t always have a choice to fight. And I want to try to help people understand that others don’t always have a choice either.  Sometimes my depression is just too strong. It is a tsunami wave and I am a toddler. I get knocked down before I even realize what is happening.  Because depression is an illness. – Gillian Marchenko

God’s Not Dead! My Thoughts – Where there are many real challenges to being a Christian in college, we shouldn’t paint college like this dark and evil place where its only aim is to indoctrinate our children with anti-Christian thought. This is fundamentalism and this is why no one takes Christian culture seriously anymore (if they ever took Christian culture serious in the first place). – Casey Ehlers

To Those Who of You Who Don’t Like Singing on Sunday – If all the universe sings loudly and passionately to God, maybe the problem is with us. When we don’t feel like singing, the problem isn’t a singing problem, but a seeing problem. If we could see God as he truly is, we would be utterly undone. We would be singing for joy, kneeling in adoration, and weeping in gratitude. If we saw Jesus in his resurrected, ascended glory, there would be no talk of, “Well, I’m more of the quiet type.” – Stephen Altrogee



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