Free E-Book Alert – Schizophrenic Christianity: How Christian Fundamentalism Attracts and Protects Sociopaths, Abusive Pastors, and Child Molesters

Note – I have not read this book so I am not sure if I can recommend it or not (I have some hesitancy) but I pass this along because I know this is a subject many readers of my blog will be interested in…

Now updated with more cases and more insights into the scandals of prominent Fundamental Baptist churches and schools, SCHIZOPHRENIC CHRISTIANITY shows that child molesting is embedded into the culture Christian Fundamentalism.

Using case study after case study of Independent Fundamental Baptist pastors accused, indicted, or convicted of child molesting, the author shows that these men continue to serve in the ministry unhindered. With surprising quotes from public leaders of Christian Fundamentalism such as the late Jerry Falwell, the author shows that many ultra-conservative Baptist churches grant their pastors total immunity and blame and isolate their victims instead. In easy to understand language, Massi explains the theology of American Christian Fundamentalism and shows how it has departed radically from historic Christian belief into a gender-based, externalized pietism that evaluates spiritual success in terms of numbers and political power. She paints a frightening picture of a religion gone horribly wrong, in which child molesters can easily pick up the lingo, amass a following, and hold themselves above accountability by merging into a system that refuses to police itself or institute rules of behavior for its clergy.

Download the book here.



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