Gospel Points Podcast – Passing by the Field part 1 (with Pastor Steve Brandon)

(download the mp3 archive here)

This week the Gospel Points podcast is back!  After quite the long hiatus, I will finally be posting more podcasts in the coming weeks.  It’s been quite the passingbythefieldhectic schedule for me these past few months and a lot has changed in my life since our last posting.  But, by God’s grace I’ll keep on keeping on.  However, I will be officially changing our podcast schedule from seasons of weekly podcasts to whenever I get the time to record and upload.  Of course, that’s not really much of a change at all…

Anyway, this week the Gospel Points podcast will feature a look at the book Passing by the Field by Pastor Steve Brandon.  Steve Brandon is the pastor of the Rock Valley Bible Church in Loves Park, IL and our guest on the program.  Join us as we explore wisdom gained from everyday life as seen through the lens of the Word of God.  We’ll look at gospel truths and easily applicable lessons.

Order the book for yourself here.


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