Dear Conservatives, Stop Saying This

Chad Kent is one of my favorite conservative voices.  His knowledge of the Constitution is amazing and his ability to articulate the vision of this founding document is persuasive and winsome.

We all know how pathetic it can look when people mindlessly parrot cliches without understanding what they truly believe. To see that in action, look no further than Occupy Wall Street…

When these folks just repeat their slogans about “corporate greed” and being “for the people” but can’t give a coherent explanation of what that means they look foolish and hurt their cause.

That’s why you and I, as defenders of the Constitution, have to make sure we’re better than that. Now before you freak out on me, relax. I’m not comparing you to the Occupy people, that was just an illustration.

With that said, as I travel around speaking I often hear well-intentioned conservatives and libertarians repeating cliches about the Constitution that just aren’t true. Recently I heard two conservative radio hosts who were discussing freedom of speech insist that:

“The Founders put the First Amendment first because it was the most important. Clearly there was a design here.”

That sounds fantastic. But as I explained last week on The Chris Salcedo Show, there are two slight problems with it. The Founding Fathers didn’t necessarily believe that the First Amendment was the most important… and it wasn’t first

Check out the whole article (including video and audio) here.


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