This and That – 06-07-14

Church Multiculturalism:  Shadow of Rev. 5:9 –  In our community, we have large African-American, white, Asian and Hispanic populations. Thus, we believe our church (and church leadership) should reflect that. We believe God is more glorified through a multiplicity of cultures in worship, and we believe that picture gives a glimpse to our community of the unity found only in Christ  (Revelation 5:9; Eph 3:10-11). But that we don’t have an Middle Eastern pastor on staff (yet) should not dismay us, even though there will be lots of Middle Easterners around the throne in heaven. They’re just not as heavily represented in our community yet. – JD Greear

When Our Sons Ask for Stones, Let’s Give Them Bread – This is a good word to all of us familyolaters. We take what most of us consider the most important thing in our lives and give it the weight of our worship in a way that is both dishonorable and unsustainable. And we end up living “Thus saith the family” rather than “Thus saith the Lord.” I know personally what happens when one worships his wife: he harms her. I know what happens when we make our children the center of our universe: we harm them. That is true hatred. Trading in the cross for the thin gruel of temporary satisfaction, appetites, compulsions, is the worst thing you could do to somebody. And when it comes down to seeking one’s happiness over their holiness, we aid and abet the theft of their eternal joy.  – Jared C. Wilson

Northland, SBTS, and the Next Chapter for Fundamentalism – Remember this is a connection with a particular institution not the SBC as a whole, nor every SBC seminary, just Southern. As such, Northland doesn’t have to be seen as eschewing fundamentalism. Fundamentalism was a para-denominational idea to unite around the gospel. Might it not be time for conservative IFB churches to unite more formally as NIU is doing here, with conservative bastions of evangelicalism, whether they be The Master’s College, Southern, or what have you? – Bob Hayton

The Right Hand of Godzilla – Godzilla thus chronicles the repercussions unleashed by Nature when man presumes he can rape the natural world with impunity. “Man’s arrogance is thinking he is in control of nature and not the other way around,” Ken Watanabe’s character sighs near the film’s climax. Modern man’s inflated sense of self pushes God out of the picture and supplants Him as center of the universe. What signal is there that can awaken him out of his stupor? What can unmask his true, pathetic nature and drive him to repentance? What other than the very world he has trampled upon, the natural order which bristles with fury at its abuse? The film’s theology places Law front and center by portraying the devastating consequences of modern man’s decision to pervert his task as steward over nature. – Ian Olson

How the modesty police are hurting my son. – But don’t you dare say it is to protect my son. Because I am teaching my son that he is responsible for each of his thoughts and actions. I am teaching my son that he needs to treat females and males respectfully, no matter what they wear. I am teaching my son that the media uses sex to sell things and that he’s strong enough to not be manipulated by a woman’s body. I’m teaching my son to use his mind over his groin and I’m teaching him that women are more than just their body parts. – Ami


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