This and That 04-05-14

Camping With Fundamentalists – Expositional preaching leaves no room for preachers who spin elaborate homilies from interesting phrases without regard to context or the Holy Spirit’s purpose for inspiring them. There’s no room for bouncing around the canon to bolster the preacher’s chosen topic. There’s no time to fill the sermon with entertaining and emotionally manipulative stories that often serve the preacher’s interests more than the congregation’s. There’s no place for the preacher ever to say, “Close your Bibles and look up here.” There’s no occasion to preach law to the exclusion of grace. – Aaron Carpenter

The Fault Lines Before the Evangelical Earthquake – What can evangelicals do to show that our belief in the sanctity of true marriage is just as uncompromising and unwavering as our love for gay and lesbian people created in the image of God? How can we be simultaneously committed to upholding biblical marriage and loving our gay and lesbian neighbors? – Trevin Wax


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