This and That 03-29-14

Thoughts on My New Book – “Interdependence” rather than “autonomy” was the key concept undergirding the relationship between the Particular Baptist churches. Each church was in mutual submission to one another. For instance, when some Baptist ministers in western England were struggling financially, Cheare made a motion to the Midland Baptist Association to raise funds for their relief. The Baptist ministers comprising the Association voted in toto to send monies to those destitute ministers. There are other instances where the Baptist churches mutually submitted to each other to provide assistance to pastorless congregations and to protect Baptist doctrine from false accusations. – Brian Hanson

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? – “Again, many say that instead of engaging in controversy in the church, we ought to pray to God for a revival; instead of polemics, we ought to have evangelism. Well, what kind of revival do you think that will be? What sort of evangelism is it that is indifferent to the question what evangel is it that is to be preached? Not a revival in the New Testament sense, not the evangelism that Paul meant when he said, “Woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel.” – J. Gresham Machen

Fred Phelps and the Anti-Gospel of Hate — A Necessary Word – “But that raises the most emphatic point — it was not the gospel that Fred Phelps was preaching. The gospel is the declaration of the good news that God saves sinners. It is the declaration of the fact that there is forgiveness of sins and life everlasting to be found in Christ and in belief in Him, and that is not the message for which Fred Phelps was known and hated.” – Al Mohler

NOAH Press Junket Recap – “The film does a masterful job of drawing us into an antediluvian world that as Genesis 6:11 says is quite ruined. We see that Noah has a burden to continue tending the garden per se, just like his forefather Adam, which is in direct contrast to much of the rest of humanity portrayed in the film, who all seem bent on destroying the parts of the earth that are not yet ruined. Early on, critics (most of them who hadn’t seen the film) complained that the movie was going to have too much of an environmentalist bent. And I’ll be the first to say that care of creation is certainly a strong theme in the film, but it didn’t feel over the top or out of place to me. I can accept the idea of somebody that generationally close to Adam and Eve still having a burden to work the garden.” – Shaun Tabatt


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