This and That 03-22-14

The Real Problem of Fundamentalism – The issue is not that people preach that women should not wear pants; it is that many misuse the Bible in an attempt to validate their extra-biblical preferences. – Jeremy Wallace

A Conversation with a PCC Staff Member – I do not ask PCC to be perfect, just as I do not expect Biola University to be perfect. But I do expect the fruit of the Spirit to be cultivated and praised and not systemically stifled. This stifling appears in students who cannot willfully assemble to disagree (usually recategorized as the sin of “complaining”), share, critique or even question publicly. Dissent is silenced, labelled as rebellious (the “sin of witchcraft”). If punishment and signing contracts under threats do not silence students, then the dissenters are excommunicated. – Dale Fincher


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