I’m Voting for Kirk Dillard


Tomorrow, is a primary election here in the state of IL.  Being a guy known for having an interest in politics, I normally get asked my opinions on who to vote for whenever an election rolls around.  The biggest race tomorrow will be the GOP race for governor.  So, in case you are wondering, I’ll be voting for Kirk Dillard to be the Republican nominee to be the next governor of IL.

None of these candidates are perfect, they all have their flaws.  Kirk Dillard is now different.  However, when compared with the rest of the field, he’s the one who stands out to me.  Here’s why.  (1)  He is solidly pro-life.  I know I’m not supposed to be a one-issue voter, but this issue matters.  I’m not a one issue voter, but an at least one issue voter.  If you can’t get the life issue right, it really doesn’t matter what your other views are – you don’t have my vote.  However, I do not more than just a pro-life view, but nothing less!  (2)  Kirk Dillard has executive experience.  As the former Chief-of-staff to Governor Edgar, he won’t need any on-the-job-training.  (3)  Dillard knows how to reach across the isle.  He can work with Democrats.  In this current political climate, I find it reassuring to know Dillard had some positive things to say about our current President.  (4)  He’s a conservative without being radical.  (5)  He has the endorsement of a local politician who has gained my respect, State Senator Dave Syverson.

So, you can feel free to vote for the candidate that best represents your views.  This is who I am voting for.  No matter who you cast your ballot or, make sure to get out to the polls tomorrow!  Primaries are important!


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