Free Book Alert – Being A Dad Who Leads by John MacArthur

Biblical Principles for Dads—Powerful Like Nothing Else

Who can argue that the home is where a man’s real self is on display. And if his public persona is merely a veneer that disappears once the front door is closed—revealing ungodly character in private, family life—no one will know that better than his kids. Hard to imagine anything more destructive to children’s moral and spiritual development.

But on the positive side, no one can have a more potent or longer-lasting influence for good in a child’s life than a spiritually strong father. There is no more worthwhile investment of any father’s time and energy than being a godly leader in his home. The returns are incalculable—eternal riches—and the earthly rewards alone are sweeter than any material wealth.

Being a Dad Who Leads will encourage you as you pursue the lofty yet attainable goal of biblical fatherhood. In this brand-new book, John MacArthur gleans and organizes the guidelines for fathers found throughout God’s Word. You’ll see that Scripture’s instructions for dads are simple, straightforward—and powerful like nothing else. Important truths for you, or for encouraging a father you know.

Order the free book here.


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