Gospel Points Podcast Season Two Episode 1 – Is the Charismatic My Brother?

pointslogDownload the mp3 recording here or listen to the streaming audio here.

Welcome back to another season of the Gospel Points podcast!  As we jump into season two, we look back at the controversy stirred up by John MacArthur’s Strange Fire conference.  The conference took aim at the Charismatic movement and their distortions of the true message of Christianity replacing it with a prosperity gospel punctuated with silliness and sacrilegious lunacy.  But, is this a fair characterization of the movement as a whole?  Some have suggested the false teachers mentioned at this conference are not typical of Charismatics in general.

This week we will ask the question, is the Charismatic my brother?  Are  the preachers in this movement all false teachers or do we serve Christ together in full gospel unity?  To discuss this topic I invited my friend, Pastor Michael Carl.  Mike is the pastor of the Christ the King Charismatic Episcopal Church in Wakefield, MA.

In this first installment of our interview, Pastor Carl defines just what the gospel is all about and following that I’ll ask him that in his view is there any sort of “second blessing” or some additional post-salvation gift (i.e. speaking in tongues, baptism of the Holy Spirit) needed to confirm one’s salvation or lift the convert into some higher relationship with God.

You can also check out Michael Carl’s news website at www.powerlinenewsnetwork.com or follow his articles on WorldNetDaily at www.wnd.com/author/mcarl.

For more information, I would recommend the following two books:



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