This and That 01-18-14

The Evil in Nigeria – I hope there are Christians in Nigeria who have the courage to hide gay men and women when the police come for them. I wouldn’t presume to speak for Islam, of course (Nigeria has a large Muslim population, in case you didn’t know), but to fellow Christians in Nigeria: Is this really how you witness to orthodox Christian truth? Really? – Rod Dreher

Possible Reasons Why Churches Don’t Pursue Being Crosscultural – I often tell white pastors that black folks in this country were forced to create a unique cultural kind of worship service since they were shut out of white churches. Without going into a commentary on ethnomusicology let me just say that most black folks who come from the traditional or even contemporary black church find most white churches to be utterly boring. Most black folks don’t like stilted or even Celtic music styles, they don’t get into lectures that pose as sermons, they don’t appreciate a worship that seems to stifle emotions and is almost martial in approach. While many black believers have been blessed by coming into a deeper ministry of the Word, when they come from congregations that neglected Biblical teaching and pursued simple emotionalism or prosperity preaching, there is no doubt that black religious experience in America has been rich with depth and feeling; and often relevant to their social condition. – A. Randy Nabors

8 Signs You are a Victim of Spiritual Abuse – Sole allegiance and loyalty is expected to your particular ministry. Other ministries are constantly criticized, regardless of whether or not they are biblical, in order to keep that sole allegiance alive and well. – Jeremy Wallace

I Hope We Never Become a ‘Christian Nation’ Again – Want to hear something completely astounding: What if instead of a post-Christian nation, we’re actually a pre-Christian one? Let’s put hope in that we’ve yet to see how God can use American believers to positively affect our world in a way that radically follows Christ’s example. We’ve made many mistakes in the past, but maybe God can help redeem our future. – Stephen Mattson

In Praise of Fat Pastors – So no, I am not advocating gluttony here, just a Christward self-disregard, a godly un-self-consciousness. I am praying for an increase in the tribe of self-forgetful pastors — if not all-out dorky ones — with platforms thrust upon them genuinely “aw shucks”-wise, men who will love not their images even unto death. Men who at least are not obsessed with the camera catching their good sides. Give me a fat guy in the pulpit so long as he preaches not himself and not the law but the glorious gospel.  – Jared C. Wilson


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