This and That 01-11-14

Grace Has Brought Me Safe Thus Far – The hymn was first unveiled in his church on New Year’s Day (1773), and it’s a reflection on the new year: a look back on his past deliverances, a look around on his present deliverances, and a look forward to his future deliverances in Christ. – Tony Reinke

The 10 Commandments of Twitter – Thou shall not make public demands of complete strangers. Calling upon others to respond to thy blog or denounce the evil thou refusest to put to rest is like unto social media terrorism. It is a constant dripping on a day of steady rain. – Kevin DeYoung

Six ways to look godly while not growing your faith in 2014 – Refuse to accept encouragement Whenever someone does thank you or mention an area they think you’re growing, reply that you don’t really think they’re right. You’ll sound modest, and the person encouraging you will feel the need to encourage you all over again. More praise to fuel your image, while scoring good humility points. – Carl Laferton


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