This and That – 01-04-13

Ask RC: Can a person who has committed suicide go to heaven? – How can the person who has committed suicide repent? Once they have committed the sin, it is too late for them to repent. This concern, I believe, has its roots in Roman Catholic theology. We do not live our lives in a constant race to stay ahead of the game in terms of our repentance. We do not, when we die, have forgiveness for all our sins, save those we commit after our last confession. When we embrace the finished work of Christ, when we place our hope in Him, all our sins, past, present and future are forgiven. – R.C. Sproul, Jr.

Hello, My Name Is Church – I cannot shut my doors to the people who make you:  Angry, Uncomfortable, Impatient, Self-conscious – Unappreciated Pastor

Seven Thoughts On Becoming a Better Hater – Learn to hate every form of coercion that is not mandated by the Almighty God Himself. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. Love liberty, and love it in every lawful form. Hate every suggestion that would — apart from an explicit requirement from the Creator — bind, restrict, limit, constrain, constrict, curb, inhibit, stifle, bridle, disallow, immure, compel, or deprive the lawful liberty of another. This is not done for the sake of an abstract idol called “individualism.” It is nothing more complicated than love of neighbor. In this, our statist and despotic age, it is not possible to love your neighbor without also hating five-year plans and new deals, wrapped in golden chains. And hatred of coercion also includes every form of unjust warfare — hatred of ungodly compulsion is not limited in any way to domestic politics. – Doug Wilson

Should Everyone Go to College – Somehow we’ve gotten the notion that to be a college graduate and then a professional is “better” than being a person “in the trades” as it was once called. Where did we get that idea and how has it damaged some of our children? –  Clare De Graaf


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