This and That 12-21-13

“White trash” on Racism & the Quack Outrage of Evangelicalism – First of all, the reason he didn’t see any blacks mistreated was because EVERY black was being mistreated. And because he defines mistreatment in the culturally-accepted definition of his day. He didn’t personally see any black person beat up. Fine. But the Jim Crow laws of his state is the very definition of mistreatment. Furthermore, his statement, “I’m with blacks because we’re white trash” is indefensible. To take one negative segment of white society, widely looked down upon, and equate it to the whole of black society is as close to bigoted as a person can get. What he said, folks, was all blacks are equal to — not whites, but — “white trash”. Now, Phil’s defenders will quickly assert that he was including himself in with the “white trash” and that somehow this self-deprecating view mitigates the obvious racism of his statement. – Bob Bixby

Re: Mark Driscoll – Pastor Mark, if you’re reading this — you are losing us. Forget about the “haters.” We ain’t them. We are the ones who love you, who want to see you succeed and prevail. And we won’t stop, no matter what tribe you’re in or which conference stage you take. But we want you to take responsibility for your actions and your attitude. It does not commend grace. We want you to walk in repentance. We want you to seek the way of Christ in more humility, to drop the image and the posturing, and remind us of what drew us to you in the first place: the fame of Christ’s name, not the protection of your own. What would the truth of the gospel have you do? What would adorn the gospel? What would make Jesus look big? I believe it would be a reversal of the trajectory of pride you have been on. I’m asking you to turn around and show us why we were so drawn to you in the beginning. I’m asking you to show us Jesus. He has become lost in your shadow. – Jared Wilsom


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