This and That – 11-02-13

Jesus Doesn’t Love You Like That – Was the cross of Christ a triumph over sin and evil, as Colossians 2:14–15 says, or was it just a nice first-move? Is Jesus victorious for the sake of his church, or did he spot us a few points? Did he suffer at Golgotha to demonstrate God’s grace to sinners, or was it a presentation of sorta-kinda-maybe hope for those smart enough to understand?  Did Jesus drain the dregs of God’s wrath meant for his people, or did he merely mute original sin and leave the destiny of our eternal souls in our own hands? – Jonathan Parnell

New PIRA Survey Reveals Real Reasons The Unchurched Don’t Attend Church –  “The results of this Biblical survey make it undeniably clear that the only way you could make church ‘relevant’ to a non-Christian would be to give them what they want i.e. sin, idolatry, false doctrine, fleshly delights, and worldly entertainment. But when you bring those things into the church then your church ceases to be a church and just becomes a popular entertainment venue with a thin Christian-ish veneer. And, since unbelievers hate God, they’ll leave as soon as you try to confront them with their sins or try to make Jesus and Him crucified the true center of the church service. The reason for this is that the unchurched don’t want to have anything to do with the One True God. They hate Him and the cross is foolishness to them! I guess that’s why regeneration is so important. Because if you haven’t been born again then there is no way you’re going to think that church is relevant.” – Chris Rosebrough


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