This and That 10-12-13

On College and Faith – Newsflash: if your son has no faith at the end of college, then he had no faith when he started—he was just pretending. Now one’s college experience may impel a young man to stop pretending he is a Christian (which is arguably a good thing) or, conversely may function as the crucible in which the Spirit grants him faith, but one’s college experience can never take away one’s faith. – Mark Snoeberger

20 Years of an Unlikely Friendship – I love the internet age.  Via social media, email and other new-fangled tools, we get to stay connected.  You can criticize Facebook all you want and act like you are too sophisticated to enjoy it, but I like it.  (And I bet you are a Facebook stalker yourself if the truth be known.)  I like hearing how my former students are doing, who is having kids, who is running a business, who needs prayer and who is enjoying success.  – Dan Burrell


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