This and That 09-28-13

My Amazing Prayer Life – You see, my prayer life is really the prayer life of a Perfect Man that lived the perfect life of prayer and then credited it to me and any of us who believe in him. Jesus knew that you couldn’t pray for hours on end. He knew that you couldn’t pray all night long. He knows that his disciples when they’re at their best will fall asleep when they pray sometimes, or pray wrongly. Most of the time they will not even pray at all. He is so sensitive to our inability to pray that he gives us a very simple outline that we are free to recite verbatim if we want. We call it the Lord’s Prayer. – Bob Bixby

I’ve Been Wondering – Rice himself did not draw out all of the practical implications of his theory, but they are plain to see. If sanctification is disconnected from enduement with the Spirit’s power, then even an immoral man might be Spirit-anointed. Furthermore, as long as a man is winning souls, then he is doing the thing that most pleases God. His ignorance of the Bible, his immaturity in the faith, and even his sinful conduct can be overlooked. If he has the anointing, then he has the most important qualification for Christian leadership. – Kevin Bauder

Five Things to Remember When Teaching Children – Your classroom will be run by the person with the most interesting personality in it.  That needs to be you.  Make it happen.   – Dan Burrell



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