Gospel Points Podcast 21 – Engaging With Tim Keller, Part 1

This week on Gospel Points we will be discussing the book Engaging with Keller. Tim Keller is perhaps one of Evangelicalism’s most influential pastors and theologians. He has had a profound effect on many church planters across the globe. Yet, some feel as though certain aspects aspects of his theology may be a bit compromised in the way he communicates his otherwise Biblical message. In this book “several writers engage with different aspects of Keller’s thought. While indebted to Keller in many ways, they also wish to examine his position in the light of Scripture and to work constructively as well as critically with his published works. That such an influential figure should be the subject of discussion is not surprising; what will be surprising to many is that not all evangelcials are prepared to accept without question all of Keller’s conclusions or formulations. This is a book to stimulate discussion and to remind us that god’s Word must always to be out final judge in matters of theology, evangelism and apologetics.”

Joining us to discuss this book is one of its editors, Dr. Bill Schweitzer. In this first of three podcasts, we chat about the background of this book and how (and why) it came to be.

Purchase the book here.


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