This and That – 08-03-13

Why I’m Not a Dispensationalist and Why Darrell Bock Is – Then I studied Revelation as I preached through it, and I didn’t see a pre-trib rapture. Then I studied Daniel as I preached through it, and I didn’t see a pre-trib rapture. Then I studied through and preached Revelation again as I wrote Revelation: The Spirit Speaks to the Churches, and I became convinced that dispensationalists are not interpreting Daniel’s seventieth week the way that John does in Revelation. The emphasis on literal fulfillment fails to account for the typological and symbolic ways later biblical authors interpret earlier Scripture. – Jim Hamilton

Dr. Reza Aslan’s book “Zealot” sparks major controversy among the faithful – “Granted, writing a biography of Jesus of Nazareth is not like writing a biography of Napoleon Bonaparte,” Aslan wrote. “The task is somewhat akin to putting together a massive puzzle with only a few of the pieces in hand; one has no choice but to fill in the rest of the puzzle based on the best, most educated guess of what the completed image should look like.” – Billy Hallowell

Why Video Games are Destroying Society: A part of the Destruction of the Christian Culture – This gaming community has largely become a rather introverted community.  This community can play for hours upon hours at a time, locked away in the rooms, offices, and basements playing this video games of all sorts.  They are constantly thinking of video games.  And now with the advancement of technology they can take video games with them anywhere and everywhere they go.  They spend hours upon hours trying to rank up, get to the next level, beat the final boss, and trying to get the latest feature.  If they are part of the smart phone market they are even spending money to help them make these advancements through the games that they are playing. – Jason Kokenzie


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