Gospel Points Podcast 09 – The King James Only Controversy with Dr. James R. White

Due to my ongoing illness, today I am airing an interview I recorded with Dr. James White back in April of 2007. Dr. James R. White is the founder and director of Alpha and Omega Ministries. In 1995 Dr. James White authored the King James Only Controversy.

There is probably no other issue so divisive and controversial in Christian fundamentalist circles as the Bible translation debate. In minds of some, the King James Version of the Bible is the only translation English-speaking Christians ought to use. For these people it is one of the tests of orthodoxy one must have to be granted any type of fellowship in their church since all modern versions only serve to pervert the Word of God and introduce all sorts of false teaching and compromised theology.

As one who was once a part of this dangerous movement, I have found this book both insightful and educational, a breathe of fresh air. It is the one of the resources that changed my who perspective on this issue.

So, listen in as Dr. White describes his thoughts on the King James Only controversy.

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