This and That 07-20-13

The Atheist Daughter of a Notable Christian Apologist Shares Her Story – I’m hopeless… Oh boy. I’ve got a lot to work on. I try to be obedient but it’s so hard! The more I read, the more I realize how bad I am! My problem is that when things don’t make sense to me, I don’t like them. When Dad gets mad at me for something, everything makes perfect sense to me in my mind, so I tend to resent my parents’ correction… I have just realized that I yearn to please the lord, but why can’t I? I just can’t be good! It seems impossible. Why can’t I be perfect? – Rachel Slick

The Disappointed Pastor – For Non-Pastors Only! – Pastors sit under judgment, daily. (I wish people would stop judging what they don’t understand.)    Blame always seems to be put squarely, and only, on the pastor’s shoulders. Pastors are judged on the basis of how good they make their people feel. Their livelihood requires them to be entertaining, friendly, popular, and well-groomed. Even the conduct of their spouse and children impact their job. People can be unkind. Pastors can be bullied. God can seem absent. Growth can feel miles away. The mission feels far off the radar. – Jim Molloy

Some Different Advice to Those Raising African-American Boys in the Wake of the Martin Shooting and Zimmerman Trial – Part of how God made you is “Black.” People try to define that in all kinds of ways. But it can’t be easily defined. To be “Black” is to be a lot of things all at once. But “Black” or African American is simply another way of saying “made in God’s image.” God determined where you should live and when. He tells us that in Acts 17:26. He determined that mommy and I would have the parents we have. He determined that out of the sea-graves of the Atlantic and the cotton fields of the South and the tough cities of the North a brand new people would come into existence. We’re part African, descended from that great continent. And we’re part American, sons of this soil. Both heritages are ours and yet we’re something more than just the adding of the two. And here’s what you need to know: You get to define what it means to be African American or Black. You get to give it dignity and purpose, beauty and joy. You get to interpret its sorrows and failings. It’s yours. Don’t let anyone rob you of it. God means for you to wear it and enjoy it. – Thabiti Anyabwile

Should We Move On? – But in another sense, we most definitely should not move on. We should not stop talking about the racism that still lurks in our world. If you’ve experienced it, help those who haven’t experienced it to understand. Be patient with your friends as they clumsily seek to comprehend what you’ve gone through. And please don’t prove them right by fulfilling negative stereotypes. Trust Christ, and pray God would mold your character to look more like his. – Trip Lee


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