This and That 06-22-13

7 Marks of a False Teacher – False teachers save their harshest criticism for God’s most faithful servants. False teachers criticize those who teach the truth, and save their sharpest criticism for those who hold most steadfastly to what is true. We see this in many places in the Bible, such as when Korah and his friends rose up against Moses and Aaron (Num. 16:3) and when Paul’s ministry was threatened and undermined by those critics who said that while his words were strong, he himself was weak and unimportant (2 Cor. 10:10). We see it most notably in the vicious attacks of the religious authorities against Jesus. False teachers continue to rebuke and belittle God’s faithful servants today. Yet, as Augustine declared, “He that willingly takes from my good name, unwillingly adds to my reward.” – Tim Challies

4 Dangers of Separation – We get into our Christian car to go to church on Sunday, go out to eat with only other Christian folks on Sunday afternoon, take a Christian nap, return to church on Sunday night, get up on Monday morning to take our kids to Christian school, take them to Christian sports practice in preparation for their Christian tournaments, Christian school plays, Christian homework, and on and on it goes. – Ben Everson

A Moon Crater – This was an organization clearly dependent, in an unhealthy way, on one guy. It was a parachurch organization, and its governmental structure was plainly not built for the ages. Like so many evangelical parachurch operations, it appears to have been the kind of thing that revolved around its personali . . . its president in a way that ceded way too much authority to him. The mainline denominations are all going through this very same apostasy, but notice for them how agonizingly slowly it has gone. This is because there is still some measure of accountability there, and thus the possibility of effective opposition. – Doug Wilson


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