10 Reasons Why I Will Never Run For Office Again

As some of you already know, back in 2007 I ran a long-shot campaign for Congress on a third party ticket.  Since then I have stayed somewhat involved in politics volunteering for campaigns and attending rallies here and there, even occasionally donating some money.  Every once in a while I’m asked to speak at various political events.  It’s no secret I love politics.  However, this leads people to ask if I would ever consider running for office again.  The answer is no.  A flat no.  Here are several reasons why:

  1.  I’ve learned that you need more than just the right views to be an effective candidate, you need a plan – definite and specific steps and measures you would propose to actually deal with the problems you harp about.  It’s not enough to have a good political philosophy or to be able to speak out on all of the problems are nation faces – you need to be someone who can step up to the plate and actually do something about it.  I’m not that guy.
  2. Now that I live in the Mid-West, I feel compelled to mention I think all of your sports teams stink.  Go Red Sox and Patriots.
  3. I’ve also learned that the issues our nation faces are much more complex than either side of the political divide would have you believe.  No issue, whether it be anything from taxes to abortion, is a simple matter that one side is just 100% wrong about.  Sticking to the talking points and appealing to the base is the lazy coward’s way out of long hours of research and deep thought.  Our nation needs more than an empty suit.
  4. My wife would probably kill me, leave me or both…
  5. I don’t think I would appeal to anyone as a candidate.  I’m too conservative for liberals, too liberal for conservatives, and too rigid for moderates.  I don’t really have much of a base or political home.
  6. I’m pretty committed to a three or multi-party system.   I’m not happy with either major party.  They both have go to the extreme sections of their base because that’s where the money is.  Party loyalty is placed above common sense.  Our Founding Fathers purposefully gave us a style of government that requires compromise – which has become a dirty word.  Parties today are more concerned with tearing down the other side than working with the other side.  I don’t want to be a part of that.  Introduce more parties to the system and that would force everyone to work together.  However, many of the third parties out there are made up of the extremists the major parties will have nothing to do with.  Even the legitimate third parties (one of which I used to belong to) don’t stand much of a chance because people will not vote for them.  Americans have spoken, they don’t want third parties (even though polls suggest otherwise, actual votes speak louder than what people say in a survey).
  7. I’m broke.
  8. I’m probably way too extreme on some issues.  I’m 100% pro-life and not really willingly to compromise on that.  I’m really not all that far from chaining myself to a planned parenthood clinic.  I’m for massive (i.e. reasonable/responsible) budget cuts in all areas leading to a balanced budget every year.  By the way, I wouldn’t even think about a budget surplus  as long as there was still a massive debt.  It seems as though no one is really serious about true deficit and debt reduction.  I’d also end the income tax.  Sometimes I think these views would prevent me from even being elected dog-catcher.
  9. I don’t have any real connections with the higher ups, upper class or political bosses.
  10. Most importantly and the reason that trumps every other reason – I don’t believe it is the Lord’s will for my life.  God has given me a desire to preach His word.  Nothing else can compare to thrill I get every time I get behind a pulpit and have the chance to see God’s Word doing the work only it can do.  I love to see the Holy Spirit change lives and convert to the uttermost those souls that seemed closest to hell.  Only the ministry of the Word can have an eternal impact.  That is my life’s ultimate desire.  Success in the political arena cannot compare.  I once heard a quote attributed to Charles Spurgeon that sums it up quite nicely, “If you have been called to preach, don’t stoop down to be a king.”  I believe God’s calling on my life is ministry.  My biggest fear in life is that someday  after I’m gone I’ll only be remembered as that guy who was into politics.  I would much rather be remembered as the guy who pointed others to see the glory of Christ and the greatness of His grace.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not believe that Christians ought to stay out of politics.  I will still stay involved.  In fact, I pray that more Christians would pay attention to the world around them and I even pray that God would raise up men who would run for office.  I don’t regret my run for office.  We need godly men and women in positions of power.  I’m just not that guy.


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